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Beaver County U
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  • Adult High School Completion

    In cooperation with Utah State Office of Education (USOE), our district provides opportunities for adults who have not completed their high school experience. Graduation programs are available through the Beaver Campus.
  • Bit Stream Video

    Though services provided by the Utah Education Network, college and university courses are digitized for download and playback at our local sites. These courses originate from almost all of Utah's universities.
  • Concurrent Enrollments

    Local high school students can take college courses through distant learning means and receive high school credit in conjunction with college credit. It is possible for our students to receive an Associates Degree upon graduation.
  • EdNet

    Utah's interactive video / audio broadcast system allows live participation in classes from high schools and universities throughout Utah.
  • Internet Based Courses

    Through our Internet connection, thousands of offerings are available from campuses throughout the country. Our goal is to provide access to the nation, but we specialize in educational opportunities available from Utah's higher education community.
  • USU Satellite System

    Utah State University provides delivery of campus courses through a series of satellite download sites.