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Governing Law

Utah Code Ann. 17-50-303 (3)(a) requires the County to receive "adequate return consideration" for any assistance given to a non-profit entity.

The Code reads as follows: 

(3) (a) If the county receives fair and adequate consideration in return, a county may:

(i) provide services or nonmonetary assistance to or waive fees required to be paid by a nonprofit entity; and

(ii) provide monetary assistance to a nonprofit entity, whether from the county's own funds or from funds the county receives from the state or any other source.

(b) Consideration paid to a county under Subsection (3)(a) may:

(i) be nonmonetary; and

(ii) include anything that in the judgment of the county legislative body contributes to the safety, health, prosperity, moral well-being, peace, order, comfort, or convenience of county inhabitants.

Donation Request From

In order to abide by Utah State Code and uphold their fiduciary responsibilities the County Commission requires a Donation Request Form to be filled out and submitted to them for consideration. The Commission will determine whether the purpose of the request, the amount of the request, and the return consideration is appropriate, adequate and within the bounds of the law. It is required that all donation requests be presented in person at a County Commission Meeting. You may contact Stephanie Laws at 435-438-6464 to arrange a meeting.

Please submit the Donation Request Form below. You may either submit a hard copy or electronic copy. Once the form is received you will be contacted to make an appointment with the County Commissioners.

Hard copies can be faxed to (435)213-1752 or hand delivered to the Clerk/Auditor's Office 105 East Center Street Beaver, UT 84713

Donation Request Form

PDF (printable version)  Online Form