Boards & Special Service Districts


Beaver County has several boards and special services district to help provide the services enjoyed by county citizens.


The county has created six Special Service Districts. Though these districts are appendages of the county, they run independently from the county administration. All districts are made up of either five or seven member boards.


In most cases, these districts were created where circumstance were such that certain services needed to be provided to a specific geographic area. The creation of the district allowed the services to be provided in that geographic area without taxing or collecting fees county wide. A few districts were created with the reasoning that an independent administration could better serve the citizens of the county.

The County also has other boards that either are administered by the county or the county has a representative on the board but the board is a function of another governmental or private entity.

Inquiry Form

If you are interested in serving as a board member or participating in the district's and board's meetings please fill out the Boards & Service District Inquiry Form.