Caution - Phone Scam

New scam going around. Fake calls from scammers saying they are the Social Security Administration.

Remember, no government agency or reputable company will call or email you unexpectedly and request your personal information, or request advance fees for services in the form of wire transfers or gift cards.

National Take Back Day Poster

Don't let your medications fall into the wrong hands!

Take part in the DEA's National Take Back Day on Saturday, April 27th. Bring your unwanted, unused, or expired prescription medications and dispose of them safely. An official prescription medication drop box has been placed at the front entrance of the Beaver County Public Safety Facility and at Beaver County Sheriff's Office Milford Sub-Station.

"The DEA’s Take Back Day events provide an opportunity for Americans to prevent drug addiction and overdose deaths."

Get emergency alerts on your phone

Be alerted when a critical incident or other emergency alerts are issued. Don't be left not knowing!

When you download AlertSense by Konexus for Beaver County, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you and you will be alerted to any emergency notification that the Beaver County Sheriff's Office sends out. Alerts may also include instructions on what to do or where to find futher instructions on what to do as well. Signing up is easy!

Beaver County Sheriff's Badge

April 9, 2019

On April 9th, 2019 at approximately 4:15 am, Beaver County Sheriff's Office received a call from Richfield Dispatch for assistance on an active pursuit involving a stolen white Lincoln SUV. Beaver County Sheriff's Office Deputies responded to the area of I-15 southbound mile marker 116 to set up road spikes. The SUV hit the spikes and the chase continued into the fields west of I-15. Two suspects were detained, while one suspect remains on the loose.

Dog Licensing

Beaver County in an interlocal agreement with Beaver City, Minersville Town, and Milford City require all dogs aged 6 months and older to be licensed. Each dog must be licensed annually. Application for annual dog licensing may be made from the first day of October, preceeding the licensing year and are due on the first day of January each year. Applications received after the 14th day of February each year are considered late and will incur additional fees.

Application Requirements

Application for annual dog licensing may be made from the first day of October, preceding the licensing year, to the County Animal Control Officer or such other persons as may be authorized to receive application by the Animal Control Administrator. The application shall include:

  • Name, address and telephone numbers of the owner.
  • Address where the dog is normally kept.
  • Proof of dog's gender.
  • Proof, if any, the dog has been neutered or spayed.
  • Proof that the dog has received current rabies vaccination.


  • Regular Fee (January 16th - February 14th)
    • $20.00Spayed or Neutered
    • $40.00Not Spayed or Neutered
  • Early Discount (October 1st - Januaray 15th)
    • $17.50Spayed or Neutered
    • $37.50Not Spayed or Neutered
  • Partial Year (July 1st - September 31st)
    • $10.00Spayed or Neutered
    • $20.00Not Spayed or Neutered
  • Guide Dog
    • No FeeRabies vaccination is still required
  • Late Fee
    • $20.00in addition to licensing fee.


  • $50.00 No License
  • $50.00 No Rabies Vaccination


Beaver County Ordinances concerning Animal Control can be found at

Available At:

Dog licenses may be purchased at the locations below:

Beaver County Sheriff's Office
2270 S 525 West
Beaver, UT 84713
Milford Justice Court
451 N Main
Milford, UT 84751
Minersville City Office
60 W Main
Minersville, UT 84752