Commissary Kiosk Installation

Installing our new commissary kiosk inside the inmate living quarters. These new kiosks are provided by our new commissary contracting partner CBM Managed Services. These kiosks will be a great benefit to our facility.

Part of the new contract with CBM Managed Services is the commissary kiosk which will be installed in each of the dayrooms where inmate will have access to them all day long. Along with allowing the inmate to order commissary directly through the kiosk, it will also allow them to monitor the funding account, send and receive inmate requests and responses, send and receive emails, access the inmate handbook and other important documents, and get memos from jail administration.

These kiosk work in conjunction with the accounting software provided by CBM Managed Services. The accounting software is "Lockdown"; a Tech Friends product. This software interacts seamlessly with the inmate kiosks and with the website where friends and family can create an account. Creating an account on the website allows the account holder to fund an inmate's commissary account, purchase Gift Packs for an inmate, and receive and respond to emails from an inmate.

These kiosks along with the "Lockdown" software will be beneficial to both the inmates and staff alike, while also reducing the paper use and time. These kiosks will significantly reduce paper use by electronically sending information between inmates and staff. By sending information electronically, the amount of time to notify and respond to information will be greatly increased also, while reducing the amount of misplaced paper work as well. The benefit of less paper use and more efficient use of time will reduce overall cost in providing inmate commissary, free up staff to perform other essential duties, and provide the inmates with quicker responses to requests and more control of their finances.

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