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We here at the Beaver County Correctional Facility offer the priviledge of commissary to those inmates that have demostrated the ability to comply with facility rules. The inmates that are eligible and depending on priviledge levels are able to purchase such itemes that include snacks, food, drinks, hygeine items, clothing, games, and other miscellaneous items such as condiments, tumblers, post cards, and art supplies.

Unfortunately, not all inmates that are eligible for commissary have the funds to participate, but for those inmates we do provide what we call indigent packs. These packs provide the indigent inmate with hygiene items, writing materials, and several post cards a month.

Commissary Provided By

Commissary services are provided by contract. Our current provider is CBM Managed Services® who we have been proud partners with since 2017. We are committed to providing inmates with commissary services that provides superior support, are priced fairly, and offer a varying selection of items that also conform to the jail's standards of safety and security; In CBM Managed Services, we have found these qualities over and over.

Please be assured that we work closely with our provider to provide the best service while utilizing the latest technologies to ensure that the commissary experience is indeed the privilege that it is intended to be!!!

If you would like to find out more about how to add money to an inmate's account, please visit "Adding Money to an Inmate's Commissary Account".

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