United States Post Office

Inidividuals are free to contact any inmate by mail. Incoming inmate letters are opened and inspected for contraband and then forwarded to the inmate. To ensure prompt processing and to avoid the letter being returned, please adhere to the guidelines listed on this page.

Addressing Format

Inmate's Name (######)
P.O. Box 391
Beaver, UT 84713


For many individuals, emailing may be a more sensible, convinient, and cost saving option. The way it works is an inmate initiates an email through our electronic email system that is available to them via the kiosk in their living area. The sysem allows the inmate to initiate an email to you. You will receive an email notifying you that a message is available. You can then view and respond to the email via JailATM.com.

Money Orders & Cashier Checks

Privileged / Legal Mail

Legal mail is defined as mail to or from attorneys, state and federal courts, the Attorney General of the United States, or the Attorney General of Utah.

Incoming Privileged or Legal Mail must be clearly marked as such on the front of the envelope.

Greeting Cards & Property Items

Due to the security risks and the excessive time it takes to search:

  • Property items they are not allowed through the regular mail system; and
  • Greeting cards are not allowed in the facilty.


All Incoming Envelopes

  • Must:
    • Be no larger than a standard #10;
    • Have the sender's complete name, and return address (no AKA's, nicknames, monikers);
      • Stick-on return address labels are not allowed; and
      • Mail with no return address will be placed in the inmate's property for 30 days after which is will either be destroyed or must be sent out.
    • Have the inmate's complete first and last name and BCCF Name Number under which he or she is booked.
      • To ensure delivery to the correct inmate, inmate's name and Name Number must match in our system.
      • Inmate Name Numbers that are missing, incomplete or incorrect will be returned to the sender.
  • May Not:
    • Be dirty or stained;
      • Dirty or stained mail will be considered contaminated and returned to sender;
    • Have lipstick, glitter, glue, tape, or other like materials.


  • Should include a return address within the context of the letter;
    • Envelopes are not given to the inmate;
  • Allowed:
    • 3 sheet of standard white paper;
    • 2 photos per envelope no larger than 4”x6”;
      • Pictures may not contain violence, nudity, sexual acts, or gang-related activities including hand signs, nor are poloroid style photos allowed.
  • Not Allowed:
    • Flowers;
    • Candy, food, or other perishables;
    • Postcards, pamphlets, or business cards;
    • Photo copies;
    • Mail written in:
      • crayon;
      • paint;
      • colored pencil;
      • gel ink;
      • marker/felt pen;
      • highlighter; or
      • other like substances;
    • Odor causing substances (ex. perfume or cologne);
    • Phone or other pre-paid cards
    • Postage stamps
    • Clipping or torn pages from:
      • books;
      • magazines;
      • newspapers; or
      • etc.;
    • Stickers, labels, or anything with adhesive;
    • Use of White Out or other corrective material;
    • Blank stationary;
    • Envelopes;
    • Post-it style notes;
    • Plastic, metal, tape, glitter, or other craft materials;
    • Parchment or stock paper;
    • Staples;
    • Any other items that the jail deems as contraband.
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