We here at the Beaver County Correctional Facility have worked hard to provide a state of the art inmate telephone system. We were also set on providing a low–cost system that offered a fast and effective way for inmates to communicate with their loved ones when collect calling wasn’t an option, while also allowing those who do not wish to be contacted an easy way to have their phone number blocked from receiving inmate calls from this facility. We believe that in partnership with Securus Technologies we have accomplished this goal.

This webpage provides important information about the secure phone system installed at this facility.

For answers to frequently asked questions concerning the inmate phone system, view our FAQs - Inmate Phone System page.


Inmate telephone services are provided by contract. Our current provider is Securus Technologies. Their mission is to focus advanced technology and proven resources into transforming the inmate calling arena. Their dedication to ongoing technology advances, market–specific solutions, and unsurpassed customer service has earned them the reputation of an industry leader.

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