Careers at Beaver County Sheriff's Office

The Beaver County Sheriff's Office offers many different career opportunities for qualified individuals.

"It's your community, so get involved."

Patrol Deputy

Protecting and serving the citizens of Beaver County is the top priority of the Beaver County Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff's Office contracts with Milford City and Beaver City to provide law enforcment and is the primary response unit in the event of criminal activity, complaints, accidents, public assistance, civil process, and emergency situations. Beaver County deputies certify in criminal investigations, drug prevention, gang activities, school resources, K-9 training and deployment, personal property crimes, and neighborhood watch programs.

Corrections Deputy

Beaver County operates a 400 bed capacity Public Safety Facility in the county, housing both county and state inmates. Beaver County employees deputies to staff the facility. The pod design utilized in the installation mimimizes the ratio of deputies-to-inmates needed. Corrections also supervises inmate work teams that provide community service labor.

Dispatch \ 911

Beaver County dispatch handles all 911 calls, both wireline and wireless, coming from Beaver County residents and the travelling public. In addition they dispatch for Beaver County deputies, ambulance, and fire.

Animal Control

The animal control deputy oversees the proper licensing of dogs in the county, maintains the county animal shelter, and enforces Beaver County's Animal Control Ordinance.


The Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) team is composed of Beaver County patrol and corrections deputies who have completed specialty training and commit to frequent on-going training, to respond in emergency situations ranging from hostage rescue, barricaded subjects, high risk warrant service, and bomb threats within the community. The team also manages volatile situations inside the prison area.

Clerical / Support

Clerical and support positions at the Beaver County Sheriff's Office include secretarial positions, kitchen supervisors, program specialists, victim support services, and medical professionals.


Beaver County prides itself on maintaining a benefits package that is second to none.

  • Medical, optical, and dental insurance is provided at low or no cost,
  • A basic life insurance policy that can be augmented to meet individual employee needs is included,
  • Certified law enforcement personnel enjoy a 20-year retirement plan,
  • Paid holidays, sick leave, and vaction,
  • 401k, 457, Traditional IRA and/or Roth IRA (individual retirement arrangements) for employee voluntary contributions through Utah Retirement Systems.

More Information

To find out more about retirement packages, paid holidays, and an insurance plan that is second to none for doing a job that is exciting and that offers a real chance to give back to your community, then please contact the Sheriff´s Office:

  • by calling the Records department at 435-438-2862; or
  • by sending an email here.

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