Geographical Information Systems

Geographical Information Systems or "GIS", is a modern computer technology that was developed to analyze and model our world. It revolves around something called "spatial data", or in other words, the presence and location of anything on the earths surface. Along with the location or position of a feature, various attributes relating to, or information that defines that feature, are also stored within the system. This allows us to solve problems, answer questions and address concerns based on analyzing and comparing these attributes and comparing the relationships of spatial features. When we can visualize relationships, we see patterns and better understand trends in the world around us.

The primary purpose of the GIS department is to assist other County Departments in providing better service to the public and streamlining their work flow to be more efficient. Also, to be an aide to the Commissioners by providing maps and important information for decision making purposes. Also, we are here to provide maps and various forms of digital data to the public and to serve as a repository for all spatial data relevant to the operation of the county.


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  1. Keven Whicker

    GIS Supervisor/Weed Supervisor

  2. Geographical Information Systems

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