Boy crossing school crosswalk

School is open, please drive carefully.

We would like to remind everybody to observe the posted speed limits, use the crosswalks, and avoid being distracted while driving.

Deputy Tyler Schena and Under Sheriff Captain Cody Black at Movie in the Park

As many of you already know, last night was 'Movie in the Park' sponsored by the Beaver County Prevention Coalition.

Many families attended joining in on the fun including Captain Cody Black and Deputy Tyler Schena. They helped in giving out coloring books, crayons and other items to the children there.

Fawn Found in Dumpster

One of our fine citizens of Beaver County contacted the Sheriff's Department after finding this fawn in a trash bag that had been tossed into a dumpster.

If you have accidentally hit an animal while driving, it does not mean you're in trouble. Instead...

A fire East of Beaver

There is a fire that has been reported East of Beaver. The U.S. Forect Service (USFS) is on scene now.

Remember, this is the start of fire season. Please be extra careful with open flames, sparks, and other sources of ignition. The high amount of precipitation we have had this year has weeds and grasses growing taller and thicker than usual, but as they start to dry out they become great fire fuel.

Caution - Phone Scam

New scam going around. Fake calls from scammers saying they are the Social Security Administration.

Remember, no government agency or reputable company will call or email you unexpectedly and request your personal information, or request advance fees for services in the form of wire transfers or gift cards.