Application Deadlines

Application Deadlines

New applications for assessment and taxation under the Utah Farmland Assessment Act must be filed by:

  • May 1

Applications necessary because of ownership change, legal description change, assessor request or similar reasons must be filed within 120 days of a change.

Common Questions Regarding Applications

How do I apply?

  • An application for assessment and taxation of agricultural land under the FAA can be obtained from your county assessor. This application should be completed and returned to the county assessor before May 1, of the year in which the preferential assessment is desired. Supporting documentation may be required such as federal tax returns, affidavits, lease agreements, sales receipts, production records, etc. which show the production requirement has been met for the preceding two years.

Who may apply?

  • Any owner of agricultural land may apply for assessment and taxation under the Farmland Assessment Act.

Obtain an Application

If your land qualifies for FAA assessment and you would like to obtain an application please email our office or call us at (435) 438-6401.