Dispatch Office InteriorOur department is usually the publics' first outreach for help in their time of need. We gather as much information as possible to better assist the public while ensuring the safety of the first-responders while trying to help those in need by providing information and a friendly voice. We are also often the only life-line to those that are protecting Beaver County.

And so that we may better serve, we strive to learn all that we can by attending training and using our downtime to study manuals and other materials so that we can provide the quickest and most informative response that we possibly can.

Mission Statement

The primary mission of Beaver County Sheriff's Dispatch is to provide Dispatch and Emergency Communications functions for all Emergency Response Agencies in the unincorporated areas and contracted cities of Beaver County. All dispatch communication will be based upon information received from a myriad of sources; i.e., personal input, radio traffic, or telephone calls (to include 911 wire-line or cellular calls).

The Beaver County Sheriff's Dispatch will provide the personnel, training, and equipment necessary to ensure the most rapid response possible to any threat to life, limb, or property to the citizenry of Beaver County. In addition, Beaver County Sheriff's Dispatch will provide necessary National Crime Institute Computer (NCIC) information to all officers requesting such assistance, and possessing the statutory authority to receive it. In the event of a natural or man-made disaster, Beaver County Sheriff's Dispatch will perform as the Emergency Communications Network for disaster response, relief, and recovery. Our first and foremost priority will always be Emergency Responder Safety.

Additionally, we will never lose sight of the fact that the citizens of Beaver County entrust their safety and well being to our care.