BCSO Patrol Vehicle

Mission Statement

The mission of Beaver County Sheriff´s Office (BCSO) is to protect and serve the citizens of Beaver County with excellence, fidelity, honor, respect and above all, we will always serve with integrity to preserve life, protect property and maintain public order.

In doing so we will perform our duties with the utmost respect to individual rights with no decision ever made based solely on race, religion, color or creed.

We will vigorously pursue those who victimize the innocent, to see that justice is served. We will steady the course in the face of danger and know that our cause is just and needed.

We will show compassion to those who suffer tragedy or fall prey to those who lurk in the shadows of society and know not what compassion means.

We will wear our badge with pride and strive to ensure that the citizens we serve can be confident and proud of those that they have instilled trust in.