Emergency Preparedness

Importance of Being Prepared

Being prepared for an emergency is a lot like having an insurance policy. And like insurance, if you wait until you need it, it’s too late. Many of us procrastinate sometimes, but preparing for an emergency should not be something we procrastinate about. Being prepared could make the difference in how significant an emergency may effect you, your family, home, or business.

Emergency preparedness may seem like extreme behavior, but this is not preparing for an end of the world scenario. We are talking about preparing for more routine or common, if you will, emergencies and disasters that many of us will face from time to time. This is not about being paranoid, but about accepting that sometimes things happen that are outside of our control and taking some extra steps to ensure our well being and safety.

Defining Emergencies

Emergencies can be a personal emergency such as a tree falling on your roof or a car accident. Other emergencies like a water main break or a streams over-flowing their banks may effect a neighborhood, whereas a major snow storm may cause an emergency for an entire town or county. The horrible event of September 11, 2001 is an example of a nation-wide emergency. the point is, emergencies can come in all sizes and can effect one to any number of people.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and severe weather affect thousands of people every year. Other emergencies such as factory explosions, chemical spills, and terrorism affect thousands of more still. You should know what your risks are and prepare to protect yourself, your family and community.

Ways You Can Prepare

No one can predict when or where the next disaster may occur, but we can be prepared. Taking some time now to educate yourself about the different types of emergencies that may face you, creating a plan, preparing an emergency kit, and staying informed, like signing up for the Beaver County AlertSense, can make a significant difference. Like you, we want you and your family to be safe as possible.