Beaver County believes in allowing some outside property for inmates for various reasons. One reason for allowing some outside property such as periodicals and books helps inmates to stay in touch with the outside world.

Though we do allow some outside property, it is limited to a minimal amount of items and is restricted by rules set forth by the facility. The facility has also restricted the vendors to an approved list of two (Barnes and Noble, Deseret Book) from which it will allow these items to be sent. These limitations and rules are set to ensure the safety and security of the facility as well as to conform with the space limitations of a jail setting.

Rules About the Property

  • No property shall contain sexually explicit material, nor shall any property convey the message by insignia or other means that the owner is a member of a security threat group.
  • The privilege level matrix may govern some property items.
  • To ensure the safety and security of the facility, inmates shall only be allowed to purchase items from approved vendors. The jail administrator shall approve vendors.
  • The safety, security, and management of the jail shall be the determining factor in the approval of any outside item.
  • An inmate may release property via the mail or through visiting with the use of property transaction or release forms.

Authorized Property

Beaver County Correctional Facility may authorize any property listed and up to the quantity allotted for inmates who qualify to have such property. Any one property item shall not exceed $80 in value.

The medical officer may approve property for inmates with a verifiable medical need. Jail administration may authorize property not specifically listed in this section.

Examples of Authorized Property

1Ac/Dc Adapter N/A
1Shoe (pair)White (80% or more)/White Laces/No Metal
1WatchGold Diamond plated
10Book / MagazineEach magazine of the same title shall be exchanged on a one for one basis



  • A request for the property must be made by the inmate who is to be receiving the property prior to ordering the property. The request shall be made by filling out a property approval form. The inmate shall receive a response to the request via the inmate mail system.
  • An inmate may order the item(s) requested after receiving approval from the property officer, from the approved vendor.
  • An inmate may only receive property through the mail directly from the vendor and vendor sealed. The package must have a verifiable vendor return address. Handwritten addresses are not acceptable.
  • Property that arrives at the facility without prior approval or is otherwise not approved shall be returned to the sender without being opened if possible. If the shipping container is opened, then the item shall be placed in the BCCF property room and processed as provided in Beaver County Correctional Facility’s Policy and Procedure manual. Both circumstances shall be documented and the inmate notified.

Authorized Work Release Property

Inmates on work release status may be authorized to have the property listed and shall be used expressly for outside facility work and will not be brought into the secure area by the inmate. It is not the responsibility of BCCF to provide the property and it is the sole responsibility of the inmate to provide the above property if desired/needed.

1Belt N/A
1Hat / Ball Cap N/A
1Jacket / Sweatshirt / Pullover N/A
2Pants N/A
2Shirt N/A
1Shoes / BootsPair