School Resource Officer


Beyond the providing regular law enforcement duties the School Resource Officers (SRO) in Beaver County Public Schools are helping students see beyond the handcuffs and blue lights they associate with police officers. The officers serve as liaisons between the Sheriff’s Office and the school in which they serve. Their responsibility doesn’t stop there as they also educate and advise in their role as resource officer.

It is a goal of our School Resource Officers to make sure that the students feel protected and also that students learn there are consequences for their actions. We truly want the students and the community to feel secure in their schools.

Current Officer

The Beaver County Sheriff’s Office established a School Resource Officer in April 2007. Deputy Tyler Schena is currently serving in that assignment.

Deputy Schena has been trained to the level of a National School Recourse Officer through the National Association of School Resource Officers. Deputy Schena’s goals are geared towards the safety of our children. "I’m excited to work with the children in our community and I hope to be someone they can turn to if and when they need."

Through prevention, life skills and officer presence, the "School Cop" is gradually making a difference in the goal of crime reduction in Beaver County and its schools. Without the joint support of the Sheriff and school administrators this program would not be a functioning reality.

Deputy Tyler Schena


Law Enforcement Officer

School Resource Officers conduct criminal investigations and make arrests utilizing the same criteria as a patrol officer. The SRO works with school administrators, parents and the juvenile justice system to hold offenders accountable for their actions while not clogging the justice system with cases that could be resolved within the school by alternative means.


School Resource Officers provide presentations on law-related topics. The emphasis of these presentations is on educating students about the law and their roles in society as law-abiding citizens. SROs are also available to speak on law enforcement to students and parents and to provide ongoing training to administrators and faculty.